Tutorial Abstract

Mobility, Data Mining and Privacy

Fosca Gianotti, Dino Pedreschi

Monday, September 15, morning
Location: R007

The technologies of mobile communications and ubiquitous computing pervade our society, and wireless networks sense the movement of people and vehicles, generating large volumes of mobility data. This is a scenario of great opportunities and risks: on one side, mining this data can produce useful knowledge, supporting sustainable mobility and intelligent transportation systems; on the other side, individual privacy is at risk, as the mobility data contain sensitive personal information. A new multidisciplinary research area is emerging at this crossroads of mobility, data mining, and privacy.
This tutorial assesses this research frontier from a computer science perspective, investigating the various scientific and technological issues, open problems, and roadmap. The tutorial will cover the key concepts, the state of art and the main challenges addressed by the increasingly large community of researchers operating at the crossroads of mobility, data mining and privacy, including:
knowledge discovery from movement data, wireless networks and next-generation mobile technologies, trajectory data models, systems and warehouses, privacy aspects of technologies and related regulations, mining and reasoning on spatiotemporal data, privacy-preserving spatiotemporal data mining, and visual analytics methods for movement data.