Session Details

Semi Supervised Learning

Thursday 18 September
10:40 - 12:20
Location: R002

Session chair: Dunja Mladenic

10:40Semi-Supervised Boosting for Multi-Class Classification
Hamed Valizadegan, Rong Jin, Anil K. Jain
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11:00Semi-supervised Classification from Discriminative Random Walks
Jerome Callut, Kevin Francoisse, Marco Saerens, Pierre Dupont
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11:20Online Manifold Regularization: A New Learning Setting and Empirical Study
Andrew B. Goldberg, Ming Li, Xiaojin Zhu
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11:40Watch, Listen & Learn: Co-training on Captioned Images and Videos
Sonal Gupta, Joohyun Kim, Kristen Grauman, Raymond Mooney
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12:00Large Margin vs. Large Volume in Transductive
Ran El-Yaniv, Dmitry Pechyony, Vladimir Vapnik
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