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Learning and Mining Text and NLP

Thursday 18 September
10:40 - 12:20
Location: R001

Session chair: Antal van den Bosch

10:40A Genetic Algorithm for Text Classification Rule Induction
Adriana Pietramala, Veronica L. Policicchio, Pasquale Rullo, Inderbir Sidhu
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11:00A Joint Topic and Perspective Model for Ideological Discourse
Wei-Hao Lin, Eric Xing, Alexander Hauptmann
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11:20Towards Machine Learning of Grammars and Compilers of Programming Languages
Katsuhiko Nakamura, Keita Imada
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11:40A Joint Segmenting and Labeling Approach for Chinese Lexical Analysis
Xinhao Wang, Jiazhong Nie, Dingsheng Luo, Xihong Wu
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12:00Bootstrapping Information Extraction from Semi-structured Web Pages
Andrew Carlson, Charles Schafer
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