Paper abstract

A Unified View of Matrix Factorization Models

Ajit P. Singh - Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Geoffrey J. Gordon - Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Session: Matrix Factorization
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We present a unified view of matrix factorization that frames the differences among popular methods, such as NMF, Weighted SVD, E-PCA, MMMF, pLSI, pLSI-pHITS, Bregman co-clustering, and many others, in terms of a small number of modeling choices. Many of these approaches can be viewed as minimizing a generalized Bregman divergence, and we show that (i) a straightforward alternating projection algorithm can be applied to almost any model in our unified view; (ii) the Hessian for each projection has special structure that makes a Newton projection feasible, even when there are equality constraints on the factors, which allows for matrix co-clustering; and (iii) alternating projections can be generalized to simultaneously factor a set of matrices that share dimensions. These observations immediately yield new optimization algorithms for the above factorization methods, and suggest novel generalizations of these methods such as incorporating row/column biases, and adding or relaxing clustering constraints.