Paper abstract

Semi-Supervised Boosting for Multi-Class Classification

Hamed Valizadegan - Michigan State University, USA
Rong Jin - Michigan State University, USA
Anil K. Jain - Michigan State University, USA

Session: Semi Supervised Learning
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Most semi-supervised learning algorithms have been designed for binary classification, and are extended to multi-class classification by approaches such as one-against-the-rest. The main shortcoming of these approaches is that they are unable to exploit the fact that each example is only assigned to one class. Additional problems with extending semi-supervised binary classifiers to multi-class problems include imbalanced classification and different output scales of different binary classifiers. We propose a semi-supervised boosting framework, termed Multi-Class Semi-Supervised Boosting (MCSSB), that directly solves the semi-supervised multi-class learning problem. Compared to the existing semi-supervised boosting methods, the proposed framework is advantageous in that it exploits both classification confidence and similarities among examples when deciding the pseudo-labels for unlabeled examples. Empirical study with a number of UCI datasets shows that the proposed MCSSB algorithm performs better than the state-of-the-art boosting algorithms for semi-supervised learning.