Paper abstract

A Projection-Based Framework for Classifier Performance Evaluation

Nathalie Japkowicz - University of Ottawa, Canada
Pritika Sanghi - Monash University, Australia
Peter Tischer - Monash University, Australia

Session: Classifier Evaluation
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In this paper, we propose approaching the problem of classifier evaluation in terms of a projection from a high-dimensional space to a visualizable two-dimensional one. Rather than collapsing confusion matrices into a single measure the way traditional evaluation methods do, we consider the vector composed of the entries of the confusion matrix (or the confusion matrices in case several domains are considered simultaneously) as the performance evaluation vector, and project it into a two dimensional space using a recently proposed distance-preserving projection method. This approach is shown to be particularly useful in the case of comparison of several classifiers on many domains as well as in the case of multiclass classification. Furthermore, by providing simultaneous multiple views of the same evaluation data, it allows for a quick and accurate assessment of classifier performance.